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Seafari Versatile 450 GPD - Self Contained Watermaker by Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) - Single Membrane

The new Seafari Self Contained Versatile 450 GPD watermaker by HRO features a remote mount cube design that allows easy installation and access to system controls. The Seafari Versatile is perfect for weekend fishing or blue water cruising. Its new hassle-free design has a versatile configuration which provides you with 5 inches of extra space for better fitting, access to membranes from either side of the system for easy maintenance, and easier installation options. Its intuitive push button operating system gives users complete control over functions and settings.


Intuitive Controls, Smooth Operation

Extremely quite, smooth, and with complete vibration isolation. Micro Processor Controlled Electronics provide state of the art technology and reliability with weekly Automatic Fresh Watush Timing (Optional).

Quality Parts - Easy Maintenance

Easy access to system control. Equipped with failsafProduct Water Diversion Valve allows only safe drinking water to enter storage tanks. high rejection, high yield, commerciual grade, and chemical resistant membranes.

Accesories and Options

Pre-Filtration Options

  - Commercial Pre-Filter Assembly 32.5 SQ FT - New compact size, saves maintenance time & cost. *Free of charge, if requested with initial system order. Included in the Cruiser and Voyager Package.

  - Oil Water Separator Assembly 32.5 SQ FT - *Free of charge, if requested with initial system order. Included in the Cruiser and Voyager Package.

  - Plankton Filter Assembly - Single filter with cleanable mesh scree. Prolongs cartridge prefilter element life by filtering most microorganisms from the feed water.

  - Media Filter Assembly - Removes sand and other various media from the feed water. Prolongs cartirdge prefilter element life. The Multi Media Filter is back washable.

Post-Treatment Options

  - Charcoal Filter Assembly - Included with Cruiser and Voyager Package)

  - UV Sterilizer 2 GPM - Provides 99.8% sterilization of bacteria, virus, and micro-organisms.

  - PH Neutralizer Assembly - Single pH neutralizing filter. Gives pHneutralization to system product water.


  - Fresh Water Flush Assembly - Automatically rinses the system every 7 days with fresh water for extended periods of non operation. Included in the Cruiser and Voyager Package)

  - Meter DS Pocket - Great for checking dock and purchased water

  - Remote Control Assembly - Remote control with 75 ft 923 m) Cable. Includes Start & Stop switches, Power On, System On, Safe Water, and Service System Lamps.

  - Soft Start Assembly 220/230V - Reduces start up current by 55%. Single Phase A.C systems only (110/220).

  - Soft Start Assembly 110/115V - Reduces start up current by 55%. Single Phase A.C systems only (110/220).

ADD-ON Options

Horizon Seafari Cruiser Package - A $1,079 value wich includes the Fresh Water Flush, and Charcoal Filter Assembly.

Horizon Seafari Voyager Package - A $1,515 value which includes the Fresh Water Flush, Charcoal Filter Assembly, and the Remote Control.


Product Water Produced / Hour    +-15% 850 psi / 56 Bar, 77oF / 25oC & 35,000 ppm TDS typical sea water
Salt Rejection (Chloride Ion)    Minimum 99.2%, Average 99.4%
Product Water Temperature    Ambient to feed water temperature
Salinity Monitoring    The salinity monitoring components of the system give a continuous readout in micromhos per cubic centimeter, are temperature compensated, and of a fail safe design.
Salinity Range    Designed for seawater use up to 50,000 ppm TDS (Nacl) (typical seawater salinity is 35,000 ppm.)
Temperature Range    Min. 33oF / .5oC Max. 122oF / 50oC
System Feed Water Flow    50Hz, 3.5 gpm / 13.2 lpm; 60Hz, 3 - 4.2 gpm / 11.4 - 15.9 lpm
Reverse Osmosis Membrane    High Rejection/High Yield aromatic tri-polyamind, thin film composite, spiral wound, single pass reverse osmosis membrane element.
Chlorine Tolerance    0.1 ppm
pH Range    3-11 (typical seawater pH is 8)
Dimensions (L x W x H)    28" x 16" x 18".
Weight    118 lbs / 54 kg.
System Pressure

Feed Water Minimum    6 psi / .41 bar / .42 Kg/cm2
Feed Water Maximum    35 psi / 2.41 bar / 2.46 Kg/cm2
System Operation    Seawater @ 35,000 ppm & 77° F / 25° C
Nominal: 850 psi / 56.5 bar / 57.66 Kg/cm2. (Brackish varies w/ppm)
Feed Inlet    3/4" MNPT (Male National Pipe Thread, Amer. Std)
Brine Discharge    1/2" FNPT (Male National Pipe Thread, Amer. Std)
Product    3/8" FNPT (Female National Pipe Thread, Amer. Std)

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