If you’re looking for the ultimate aquatic exploring pleasure, just head to the water with your Seabob F5 SR. Experience vast open waters and pure freedom, without boundaries, without limits.

Speed of your Seabob is regulated Via the Controlgrip, providing an enourmous thrust and power to the Seabob.

The Seabob F5 SR’s hydrodynamic shape provides for an amazing degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving are a breeze – all that is required is a shift in your bodyweight.

Cayago and the Porsche Engineering team have come together to produce the ultimate water sled for your yacht, megayacht or superyacht.


Specifications of The Seabob F5 SR:

Up to 4.5 kW / 6.0 hp
Thrust Up to 745 N
Speed Over Water
Up to 13.7 mph
Speed Under Water
Up to 12.4 mph
Speed Control
7 power levels between 0 % and 100 % via piezo buttons
High-Energy Lithium-Manganese accumulators
Total Capacity
Approximately 1.8 kWh; 48 V; 38 Ah
Operating Time Average
70 min
Charging Time (Standard Charging)
Approximately 8 hours
Charging Time (Quick Charging)
Approximately 1.5 hours
Diving Depth
131 feet
Dimensions (L x W x H)
45.35” x 21.37” x 14.65”
Approximately 77.16 lbs
Buoyancy in Water
Approximately 20 lbs

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