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ProMariner ProMar1 5 Amp Single Marine Battery Charger

The ProMar1 assortment is ProMariner's Recreational Grade boating and fishing series, designed to deliver years of automatic charging and conditioning performance with moderate charge times featuring a built-in safe maintenance mode for long or short term storage. Safe for Lead Acid or GEL batteries with features that include; 100 percent waterproof design, expanded LED Power and Charge status indicators, shock resistant durable molded case, and dual inline battery bank safety fuses for all 2 and 3 bank models. Other built-in safety features include: over temperature, reverse polarity, and ignition protection.


  • Fully Automatic Multi-Stage Charging - Charge, condition and maintain batteries with a built-in safe maintenance mode.
  • Single Preset Charging Profile - Use with Flooded (Lead-Acid) or GEL batteries.
  • Expanded LED Status Center - At-a-glance AC power, charging and ready / maintain LED indicators.
  • Distributed-On-Demand Technology - Automatically charges and maintains your engine crank battery while distributing all remaining charging amps to your trolling motor batterie(s).
  • Built-in Quality & Safety - 100% epoxy filled - Completely waterproof & shockproof. Dual in-line DC safety fuses (multi-bank models), reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection.
  • Pre-Wired for Easy Installation
  • 2 Year Warranty


Physical Specs

Each in Package Height (in): 8.250
Each in Package Width (in): 4.130
Each in Package Length/Depth (in): 5.880
Each in Package Weight (oz): 72.000

Technical Specs

Volts DC: 12
DC Amps: 5
Max. N° of Batteries: 1
DC Cable Lenght: 6'
Size: 6.25" x 3.75" x 2.75"
Weight: 5 lbs.
AC In (*OEM only): 120V AC 50/60Hz

Note: Not for use with AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) or 4D or 8D large capacity batteries

Tech Data

RoHS Compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) °: Contact Compliance

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