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Mermaid M9 Cool & Reverse Cycle Unit - 9,000 BTU's - 220V 

With a cooling capacity of 800 cubic feet, the Mermaid 9,000 BTU unit is designed to cool / heat up to a 30′ cruiser or a 32′ sailboat.

The smallest 9,000 BTU on the market; it is almost the same size as the Mermaid M6 unit. In order to keep the smallest footprint on the market, Mermaid utilizes the same stainless steel base as the Mermaid M6 (6500 BTU) unit. This unit will run off of a Honda 2000 generator. This unit is available in right, left, or top air discharge configurations. Mermaid uses a 6″ and 4″ ducting and recommend a minimum of three 4″ round supply grills with this installation.

All M9 models include a digital thermostat, an insulation mounting pad, and an air output collar. Pump not included. 


With Reverse Cycle Heating 

With reverse cycle heating in a marine A/C unit, a reversing valve reverses the flow of freon. Normally the evaporator / fan blows cold into the cabin while the condenser expels the heat into the water. When reversed, the evaporator / fan blows heat into the cabin and the condenser expels the cold into the water. Unit BTU ratings are based on it’s cool mode. The reverse cycle heat mode produces 10-15% more BTU’s than the unit does in cooling mode.

Digital Control/Thermostat Options (Included w/Unit) - Select Programmable or Non-Programmable 

Programmable Thermostat

Mermaid’s standard Digital Programmable Thermostat. Designed to be used with any Mermaid unit. 

Programmable features allow for weekday and weekend setting for those boater’s who care to use the unit for dehumidification or simply climate control while not on board. The thermostat is also accompanied with 20 feet of four-wire thermostat cable and installation instructions.

Dimensions: 4 1/2″ length x 1 1/4″ width x 3 1/4″ height

Non-Programmable Thermostat

As an alternative to the standard Digital Programmable Thermostat, Mermaid offers a simple Non-Programmable Thermostat that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It is ideal for applications where programming features will not be necessary.

Simply turn the unit to HEAT or COOL, set the fan to AUTO (comes on with the unit) or ON (continuous duty), and set your desired temperature – and that's it! The thermostat will now maintain that set temperature until you turn it off or change the temperature. Again, this item is ideal for folks looking for a simple controller and a slimmer wall mount design. This can be a FREE alternative to your Programmable Thermostat upon purchase of any Mermaid Air System. 

Dimensions: 4 5/8″ length x 7/8″ width x 3 1/4″ height


Technical Specifications

Cooling Capacity9,000 BTU's
Voltage 110V
Running Amperage8.0 A
Unit Length16 inches
Unit Width 11.5 inches
Unit Height 11.5 inches

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