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Innovative Chassis Conquers Installation Challenges

Dometic engineers designed the innovative Emerald Condenser series to harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A refrigerant while meeting all international clean air standards.

The increase in BTU capacity is due primarily to the improved refrigerant metering design. The bi-flow thermal expansion valve for cooling provides up to a 14% increase in system capacity, which, when combined with a separate metering system for heating, attains an increase of up to 10% in heating performance. The amperage reduction of up to 27% is due to the more efficient design of the rotary compressor and properly sized refrigerant components.

The molded composite drain pan won't rust, and reduces standing water by up to 85%. The compact design of the Emerald series incorporates built-in vibration-isolating mounts, two large drain connections and numerous mounting options for installation to a smooth deck, stringer or existing rack.

Emerald condensers can be installed quickly and easily. The drain, seawater and refrigerant connections are conveniently located to conquer installation challenges thus reducing installation time by up to fifteen minutes. The reversing valve, pressure switches and service ports are centrally located, high on the unit for access from any side.

Key benefits

Up to 17.5% increase in BTU capacity
Up to 41% amperage reduction
Up to 32% reduced start-up amps
Up to 16% smaller
Up to 25% lighter
Up to 85% reduction in standing water in the drain pan
Up to 15 minutes faster to install
Square chassis for easy installation in tight spaces
Three mounting options adapt to installation environments
Rust-free composite drain pan
Reconfigurable chassis allows optimal drain connections
Compressor vibration-isolation mounts minimize noise and vibration
Built-in refrigerant line filter drier reduces installation time and protects the compressor from moisture and contaminants
Reversing valve, pressure switches, and service ports centrally located for easy maintenance access from any side
Engineered to maximize the performance of R-410A, an environmentally safe refrigerant

Technical Specifications

MFG#: 712130200
Capacity (BTU/h) 30000
Voltages @ 50/60Hz (V) 230
Cycle (Hz) 60
Phase (Ph) 1
Full Load Amps (FLA) Cool (A) 7.3
Full Load Amps (FLA) Heat (A) 9.2
Locked Rotor Amps (LRA) (A) 54
Refrigerant Type 410A
Sound Level N/A
Component Type Condensing Units

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