Brownie's proprietary Variable Speed Technology constantly adjusts the compressor speed to meet the divers demand for air. During low demand, the compressor speed reduces, conserving battery power. During high demand, the speed increases to produce maximum volume. The VS technology has been adapted to create floating hookah systems and systems that can be mounted on any boat.

Easy to Carry

The VS Hand Carry system is compact and portable in a highly durable hand carry case. It takes up very little space and is so easy to carry and stow. 

Easy Battery Connection

So easy to connect batteries and operate! Open carry case, attach standard alligator clips from system to your battery configuration and DIVE! (Battery not included). Also included in the VS Hand Carry Package is a console mounted trolling motor plug. Behind your console you can either clip with the alligator clips or hard wire your power to your own battery bank and then simply PLUG IN your system when ready to dive.


  • Motor: .75 hp sealed DC motor with sealed switch and vs controller
  • Compressor: Single Head Direct Drive Oil-less
  • Power Requirement: 12vdc 30 amps OR 24vdc 25 amps
  • Run time: Continuous (when power is supplied)
  • Performance: 12volts power: 1cfm @ 30 psi / 1 diver to 20ft
  •                  24volts power: 3cfm @ 45 psi / 2 divers to 55ft
  • Weight: 40 pounds – compressor in storage case
  • Dimensions: 15″L x 12.25″D x 9.75″H(in storage case) 
  •  *Specify 12 volts OR 24 volts when ordering*

        *24 volts required to operate 2 divers to any depth*

"X" Package Includes:

Includes: Motor / Compressor assembly, storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover and 5 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter and QRS fitting.

1      40 ft common down line with F to M QRS fitting

1      20 ft individual diver hoses with F to M QRS fitting

1      Brownie’s™ hookah regulators on 40" hose and QRS

1      Brownie’s™ Basic tow belt

1      Deluxe mesh duffel gear bag

1      Owner’s Manual

1      Brownie's Patended Drop Weight Cummerbelt  (Exclusive for "X" Pacakage)

(This one size fits all weight belt secures to your regulator hose, allows for up to 16lbs of weight and has stainless D-rings that allow you to fasten your tools, flashlight or anything that requires securing)

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