BROWNIE'S F390XE-H Floating Hookah Diving Systems + Egressors

Light, compact and portable, can make weekend dive trips become far easier than you ever imagined when you dive with your Explorer F390XE.

Friends and family who may never consider diving with scuba will love the ease and freedom of diving with a Brownie’s Explorer 390XE.

The Explorer F390 is equipped with Brownie’s™ special Direct Drive compressor and a reliable 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine. Exclusive features assure you of safe, breathable air in low maintenance packages. All Brownie’s™ Hookah Systems deliver CGA Grade E breathing gas, the same level that is required of dive store compressors for scuba.


How Egressors Make The Difference?

Egressors are a secondary air source in case of an emergency. Egressors carry enough air to make a safe ascent at any time.

Brownie's patented Egressor systems come in a handy sleeve in the small of your back-out of the way, yet always convenient. The egressor system features a scuba pony bottle with a standard scuba valve, scuba regulator with a low-profile HP port gauge, and Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ with retention sleeve.


More than just a safety device, you’ll find all kinds of uses for your Egressor™ system. Light and small, it can be donned in seconds – much less time and effort than donning a full set of scuba. Also useful for quick response to items dropped over-board, verifying anchor location, hull inspection, prop clearing, and much more!

Complete Egressor mini-scuba system with 6 cu. ft tank.


Motor: Honda 5.5 Hp Engine
Compressor: Dual Head Direct Drive Oilless
Run time: 3+ hours per tank of gas
Weight: 58 pounds – compressor in storage case
Dimensions: 24″L x 18″W x 20″H (in storage case)



  • Motor/compressor assembly
  • Storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover
  • 7 ft heat hose with easy to clean in-line particle filter
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Intake staff w/dry top
  • Dive flag
  • Float tube
  • (1) 60 ft down line with QRS fittings
  • (2) QRS Y-Divider
  • (3) 20ft diver hoses with QRS fittings
  • (3) Brownie’s™ patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts™
  • (3) Brownie’s™ hookah regulators
  • (1) deluxe mesh duffle gear bag
  • (3) Complete Egressor mini-scuba system 6 cu ft tank**

One year limited warranty.

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